Collectively Making an In-Depth Video to Help People Understand PeerTube

Hi all,

reddit user CDr0m has started a discussion about collectively making an in-depth video about ‹ How PeerTube Works ›, mentioning some discussions on the internet where commenters have misconceptions about PeerTube as a platform (note: while I believe a couple of those examples aren’t actually mistaken, there are still enough comments to demonstrate that people are often uninformed).

They have proposed we collaboratively create a script for a longer video to explain more how PeerTube works for a user (things like how PeerTube is not a single website, why we see this as a good thing, how federation/moderation work [why instance followers/following matter], practical monetization strategies and where to find info and community) to avoid misconceptions. I think a video like this (or, to be honest, even a collaboratively-written script as a blog post or FAQ) could be useful to easily answer common user questions instead of writing a response each time.

It would be nice to see how many people would be interested in helping collaborate on this. It would also be good to get a list of real-world misconceptions and common questions, so please reply with any you have seen!