Configure default language of an instance

I read all the documentation regarding translations (even started working on improving the translations in my language). I also read all docs about how to install and configure an instance. I checked if this is a custom config of the user and all administration screens available. However, I didn’t find anywhere how to chose the language that I want my instance to use. I want that my visitors and users

Inside production.yaml, there is a languages section with the list of the main languages of my instance. But it doesn’t affect how the UI is presented to the user.

Could someone help me pointing where in the docs I can do this configuration (or if there is something that I am missing here)?


You can’t force the language of your instance from the configuration. PeerTube will serve the language the web browser asks for.

Thanks for the explanation! Sometimes I prefer to choose the language of a specific site, but it makes complete sense for PeerTube to work like that. Not a big deal.

In any case, if I had this doubt, it may be possible that other people (and instances admins like me) will have it too.

Do you believe that it make sense to add this information to the docs (perhaps in PeerTube documentation) explaining this? If so, I am glad to make a PR with the updated documentation adding this piece of information.

Sure, maybe on PeerTube documentation page