Considering moving from YouTube to some PeerTube instance

Hi, I am new here.

Because of YouTube’s new policy that starts in 2020, I am currently looking at possible alternatives for YouTube, including PeerTube instances. My channel is about the cartoon series Winx Club. While me and most of my subscribers are 13+ years old, this new policy forces me to set my videos to “Made For Kids” anyway, because my videos can be interesting for kids. This will make me lose features such as comment sections, which are most relevant for me. That is how it works, unfortunately.

So I am considering PeerTube at the moment, but I need to be sure it is an option. Most of my videos are automatically being monetised by the owner company of Winx Club (Rainbow Srl) because YouTube detects they contain footage of the show. I have no problem with that. I do not (necessarily) need to make money with my channel. But since this stuff does not happen on PeerTube instances, I am wondering: Could I just start a channel and upload my videos or would that be “illegal” due to the fact Rainbow Srl doesn’t have the option to either block, delete or monetise the videos that I make?

Also, I have been looking at the list of PeerTube instances but up to this point I am not sure yet what instance would be best fitting for the type of channel like mine. So for my second question, what would be a good one for me? (I would prefer one with unlimited video space because I upload quite some videos.)

I’d say it mostly depends on where your home instance is located. One thing to understand is that a PeerTube instance is basically an actual computer somewhere in the world and connected to the internet. If your instance is located in the US, then the US law prevails.

I’m not an expert regarding US law, so I cannot really help here. I know that in France we have some rights allowing us to publish small sequences from videos, if they are short enough and is necessary to understand a commentary or a satire.

This is a good question you need to ask. PeerTube does not work on the same model as YouTube. This also means that you don’t use “fakingly free” resources. If you want to join someone’s instance, that someone needs to pay for the server and bandwitch. It is very unlikely that they will grant you unlimited disk space, especially for free.

One option could be to look for other video makers interested in publishing their videos on PeerTube, and together either create an instance, or rent one.

Contact Jade on I’m sure she would be thrilled to host your cartoon videos too