Content Delivery Network (CDN)

I want to setup a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with multiple VPS servers around the world. How can I get them all to seed or share torrent « peers » with each other?

Would it need separate domain names for each location?

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You’ll have to create a peertube instance on each VPS with a dedicated domain name.
Then just enable PeerTube redundancy: Instance follows & redundancy | PeerTube documentation

Is it possible to modify Peertube to work with a multicast DNS system, so that the content delivery network shares the same domain name?

Can you comment on these 3 scenarios wrt live streams? I’m having a hard time understanding how things work and the best way to optimize resources.


From my practice, after 2k - 2.5k viewers simultaneously on the live stream, problems appear, the peertube process uses only one core and when it reaches 100%, problems appear, I described the problem here:

For 50k viewers, I set up 20 peertube servers, and on the site we changed the player every 5 seconds, so I got 2k-2.5k viewers on each server.

Very interesting. But can you elaborate on what happens in each of the scenarios that I diagrammed? I’m trying to understand if/how clients help each other during a live stream. And if/how federated servers help each other during a live stream. And if there are problems with the « Local - VPS pipeline » scheme I showed.