"create-transcoding-job" equivalent/alternative

Hi team,

in version 5.2.0 this script was removed, true.
I want to reencode all of the videos of the instance, with a bash script.
No I wonder, how to achieve that? The CLI documentation does not provide any information on reencoding videos, except for

CLI tools guide | PeerTube documentation (joinpeertube.org)

but this is not what I want.

Any help greatly appreciated,



You can go to the /admin/videos/list page (Admin > overview > video).
Then, filter for local videos. You can also add a filter on the video file format if you want.
Select all videos (if they are not all on the same page, you can increase the video per page with the selector on the bottom left).
Then you have a batch menu, where you can run transcoding jobs: