Creating an account without any email address to make it more accessible



I would like to draw the attention on how more accessible Mobilizon could be if it doesn’t become necessary to have an email address to sign up. But only stays an option to be able reset the password or receive notifications, like on, for instance.

I am keen to mention it, because I have been using Meetup to create inclusive groups reaching out to people who are marginalized and have very limited knowledge of IT.
Their only access to internet is via their mobile phone, when they have a smart one. And they don’t all have an email address or know how to use one…

So, joining the Meetup groups and indicating their intention to come or send a message to the organizer, has been, for too many of them, too complicated ! :frowning:

If the initial sign on process for an event could just be : nickname + password + community to join, and anything else optional, that would be great ! :smiley:

I guess an antibot question could be necessary too, to avoid abuse, but maybe have one only afterwards ? Like to provide additional possibilities to comment an event and send a message for instance, but not just to indicate an intention to come to an event.

It could also be useful to have the possibility to enter a mobile phone number, to be kept updated of any change for the event by the organizer , if no email address has been entered…

Could those options be implemented ?

Looking forward to using Mobilizon…! :wink: