Creating your own instance

I looked through the list of ‹ instances ›. When you first join Mobilizon you are supposed to ‹ choose an instance ›. Are there any ‹ instances › in Canada? If not, can we start our own instance and how is that done? Thank you. I’m a little lost here.


There was an instance made for Quebec-people at some point but it had server trouble and closed:

An English-speaking instance I can recommend is

Setting-up an instance and managing it requires system administrator skills, so it’s not possible for anyone to do this.

Also, how do I change notifications to English. I’m receiving messages in French from Libre? Or is this the standard.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

Can you explain what you’re talking about? This forum or something else?

All my notifications from Framacolibri are in French. Can I change my preferences to English. Not sure where to do that…

Well the emails should match the interface language set here AFAIK: (which seems correctly set in your case).