Curation for the bloc "Discover our content selection" on

On in english and french, we offer a block entitled « Discover our content selection » highlighting diverse and quality content (videos, channels and instances) to Internet users discovering PeerTube.

And rather than using a recommendation algorithm like other video platforms do, our recommendations are made by real humans! If you’re a video artist and you have videos that you would like to see showcased, please let us know here.


Hello. Would you be willing to look over this video I have on and see if it meets your curation criteria?

Thank you,

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I think I’ve already replied to this via Mastodon, so sorry for any noise.
As this thread is in English, I’ll mention that there are English (and French) subtitles for this video, so there’s that.

Of course, now that the lockdown is over, this is les relevant. (but who knows, we might get locked down again).

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What about content in italian language?

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In french, I can propose my latest documentary about video game regulations :

Thanks in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Une petite vidéo sans prétention pour qui aime le vélo comme mode de déplacement :

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Une performance streamée et participative : Un DJ set accompagné de vidéos, d’écriture en directe de la part de l’artiste, mais aussi des participant.e.s sur etherpad.
Ça dure 3h et ça s’appelle dansedélicat

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I would like to say, as a user, that I would prefer if the majority of promoted content were not political. I come to this site for entertainment and relaxation and too much political content tends to make a place look propagandist, even if it isn’t.

(Additionally, I’ve also seen certain contributors have already expressed dissatisfaction that some official recommendations oppose their own beliefs. If it’s only a small number of videos then I feel that is acceptable but too much is certainly bad)

We have no specific criteria for our selections. We highlight quality content which are legally available. If you would like us to select less « political » content, please do not hesitate to submit it to us.

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When will the page be updated? I’ve submitted something almost 3 weeks ago that you approved, but it’s still not published on JPT. I’m sure this is a lot of work, perhaps video curation can become it’s own project?


As we update this bloc 3 weeks ago, I think the next update will be on mid-june.

Bonjour à toute l’équipe! Merci pour votre travail! Voici la page peertube avec des vidéos de mon travail chorégraphique personnel, mais aussi quelques extraits de danse inclusive (danse contemporaine en milieu psychiatrique) :
Cordialement, Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Bonjour, une petite vidéo de drone de la Nouvelle Calédonie pour alimenter la sélection


Ca devrait être interdit un dimanche matin ce genre de vidéo :smiley:

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That is fair, thank you for clarifying.

Are we allowed to suggest videos that we did not create? If so, I would like to suggest this neat pinball table:

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Any news on the update on the selection content? The data has not been updated since june
Thanks :yum:

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You’re right, the data of the french has’nt been update since a while but we updated the english selection one month ago :

I would reccomend Linguisticae for the french version. I am a moderator on the instance and checked with the original author that’s okay.

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I just made a new very-short film, it’s in no particular language (no spoken words). It’s called « A Normal Day in 2021 »:

I didn’t announce « Fire-Up » here (forgot), it came out in early December 2020, it’s in French with subtitles in French, English and Italian (warning: this is a fiction and a parody):