Custonize channels differently

I was wondering if it is possible to install Peer Tube on one server and have three or more channels that look completely different (for separate projects) and that can appear on an equally customized overview page.
So each channel would have their own logo, own header and custom colors and they would appear on the overview page with its own logo and header in different colors as well.
Also, would it be possible to have subdomains like for each channel?
Or would I have to install it on three separate servers to be able to do this?

You can achieve some of this with just CSS.

On the home (overview) page, each channel is wrapped in a tag like this:

<peertube-channel-miniature data-name="my-channel">

This makes it easy to target that in the custom css, and apply whatever you want. Sadly, I see nothing in the channel page that identifies the channel in the markup - so targeting that with CSS looks perhaps impossible, or at least very hard. (Perhaps by using java script to copy the content of the span element into a custom attribute of body???)

As for subdomains… I can see ways to create multiple virtual hosts in nginx, and have the rewrite the url and proxy into the peertube virtual host… I don’t think peertube will be very happy with this: All the URLs it generates will be within the main peertube virtual host.

You could probably find a way to run peertube three times on a single server - on three distinct ports, with three different dbs in postgress, with three different root directories… and three different virtual hosts in nginx… but lots of details to make sure work.

OK, thanks. Looks like what I need would be easier with separate installations.