Debian buster compatibility?


Is peertube compatible with debian buster ?
Anything to know before upgrading from stretch to buster ?

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We just upgraded the server of It seems to run well on Buster. You just need to follow four extra steps:

First, before the upgrade, to tell Debian to always use NodeJs from nodejs repository, put this in /etc/apt/preferences.d/00Pinning:

Package: nodejs*
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 900

Then, change /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list from

deb stretch main


deb buster main

(don’t worry, PeerTube is compatible with NodeJs10)

After the upgrade (and a reboot), upgrade your PostgreSQL cluster to version 11. If you can read french, you can look at If you can’t read french, sorry, I didn’t found instructions in english.
It’s basically (use this at your own risks, since there is no explanation here):

pg_dropcluster --stop 11 main
pg_upgradecluster -m dump 9.6 main

Then test and if it works, you can remove PostgreSQL 9.6:

pg_dropcluster 9.6 main --stop
apt-get autoremove --purge postgresql-9.6 

If you use pg_upgradecluster -m upgrade 9.6 main instead of -m dump, you have to do sudo -u postgres reindexdb --all right after it (you may need to start PostgreSQL before the reindexation).

Finally, reinstall the js modules:

sudo systemctl stop peertube && cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/ && sudo -u peertube rm -r node_modules/ && sudo -u peertube yarn install --pure-lockfile && sudo systemctl start peertube

My advice: stop and disable peertube before the upgrade, then enable it after all the extra steps (the fourth one will start it):

# before the upgrade
systemctl stop peertube
systemctl disable peertube
# after the upgrade and all extra steps
systemctl enable peertube

Thanks for your answer !
(and yes, I can read french)