Disable Video Likes/Dislikes

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to give users the ability to disable Likes/Dislikes on videos? You can disable comments before publishing, but one of our users is very concerned about being trolled as he has been trolled very badly before, and would very much like to disable Likes/Dislikes.

Many thanks in advance


No it’s not possible. But as an admin, you can install a plugin that hides Likes/Dislikes button of all videos: https://framagit.org/rigelk/peertube-plugin-ungamify

Not a solution.That plugin works for the entire instance, but it is not what is required.

Peertube is rapidly becoming a self-hosted platform for political dissidents, due to all the draconian wrongthink censorship now occurring on the mainstream platforms. Most of our users are happy to have the Like/Dislikes enabled, and we do not want to disable it for all users.

However, there are a small number who have been trolled and attacked very badly by paid organised malicious actors. For these people, they very very much want the ability to disable Likes/Dislikes on their videos. Just as, when a video is uploaded, Comments can be disabled, an option to Disable Likes/Dislikes would be much appreciated by some people.

This really needs to be added as an option in the next release. We will be far from the only instance with users that want this feature.

Hi there!

I’m Pouhiou, one of Framasoft’s co-directors.

Thank you @dwts for suggesting this feature and for taking the time to explain it in detail. This is precious feedback and an important way of contributing to PeerTube.

I wanted to react on your:

Because I’m not sure you realize how small and low-budget we are. There is one (yes just 1) paid developer working on PeerTube. And he’s not even full time on it, as he is also working on maintaining other services for us (such as Framatalk, among other things). Of course @Chocobozzz is helped by lots of contributing developers (many thanks to them), but we have detailed here in our FAQ what it means to be the sole responsible of PeerTube’s development (spoiler alert: it’s a lot).

I understand that this feature feels really urgent and important to you, and I get why it is (thanks for explaining it to us, BTW), but we are not Google, we don’t have the teams nor finances of one of the richest companies in the world. That means we cannot (and won’t) stop everything to develop this one feature you need.

So it is really frustrating because the emergency you express becomes an injunction to us. An injunction that we know we cannot fulfill, thus setting us up to failure.

I’m sure that it is not your goal (nobody wants to set other people on the path to burn out), so I hope you will understand if I say that we heard your need, we thank you for sharing it with us, we will try our best at our own pace, but if you really need it by next release then I’m afraid PeerTube is not the project best suited to fulfill your needs.

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I didn’t mean any offence. No worries. Peertube is a great platform, it works well, we’re using it, and have no intention of stopping using it. We have many users who are very happy with it, and our instance has only been online about 6 weeks. I did not realise that the development team and budget was that small, which makes what Framasoft has done even more impressive. And the Documentation is top-notch, really good.

It’s not absolutely urgent, no, but it would be a nice feature to have.

One of our team is a techie who was thinking of maybe looking into the source code and looking into how to implement the feature. He has put in a Github query/request about it. Maybe it might be possible for him to look into the source code, create and submit a patch to Github, get it reviewed. Would be better than our own modification, that would be overwritten upon the next update, do it properly.

We are a tiny little team also, basically me, a techie and a part-time one, none of us are getting paid. Maybe we could work together to get this feature done easily and quickly. We’d be happy to help.

What do you reckon? All the best.

on Peertube v3.0.1, the views counter disappear as expected on the grid and list views of the UI, but not on the page of the video itself.
A contrario, on this video page, the like/unlike buttons have disappear as expected.

Best regards.

Yeah, we’re using v3.0.1. Many thanks, the main techie has been away for a bit, I’ll have a chat with him, see what he says about things & get back to you maybe.

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