Does having a torrent available help at all?

After uploading my video’s from my laptop, i downloaded a copy on a desktop machine at home with the idea that the torrent would help the availabillity. Yet when looking at the torrent client there is not a single bit uploaded yet.

So is it helping to have a torrent available at all?

Will it be helpful in the future?

I was thinking of having a home server/NAS to just have torrent as a storage for this, eventhough it does not include the subtitles, and other data, license, desciption, original publishing date. would be cool if the torrent would have /subs /data so that we can use torrent as a full backup and data hosting.

thinking in terms of overall robustness .

If you want to help the PeerTube network, you could install a PeerTube instance and enable redundancy.

If i had a webserver i would have been happy to do that.

For now i can only share the resources i have available, thats why i hoped torrent makes a difference.