Does the stream fall asleep on purpose?

Several times now, when navigating away from the window watching my stream, I’ve noticed it replays previous segments while the red Live button in the bottom right turns gray.

Is that a feature? Is that something I need to tell viewers who may decide to navigate away and listen to the stream in the background? Is there something in the documentation that mentions this might happen? Because I need to tell folks upfront if that’s something to be aware of, or I need to fix something on my end…

I’m sorry but I’m not sure to understand by « it replays previous segments »: you listen to the same audio twice because it replays one segment and then the live has a delay? Or maybe the live buffers and so has a delay?

I don’t think it’s buffering–I think I know what that looks like, but I could be wrong… This is a literal jump backwards to replay a previous segment of the stream until one taps on the grayed-out Live button to reactivate the Live status and jump forward to what is being currently broadcast.

Yes, audio, image–all of it is replayed until the Live button is tapped again to bring it up to date. If that’s PeerTube’s version of buffering that’s good to know. But it should probably be in the online documentation so users/viewers know it could potentially happen.

None of this is present in the recording of the stream itself that is then processed and posted automatically.

Is this « replay » on purpose as a feature to cut down on bandwidth or something?

The live button becomes grey when the live as a delay (that can happen if you pause the video or if there are network issues leading to player buffering). Clicking on this button will seek the player to the edge of the live (and so resync the player with the live).

The thing I don’t understand is why on your web browser your live has a delay if you didn’t pause the video or had buffering issues :thinking: May be a bug, but it’s difficult to understand what happens.

What’s your browser @Coreyartus ?
Seems that some browsers are pausing video in background tabs. Here are some results i got searching « browser pause video in background tabs » on the web:

I use exam as my streaming software and Safari. I use a Mac.

Next time I stream, I will try watching from Firefox and Duck Duck Go to see if the issue is the same on those apps. I’m not using Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (like Opera, as indicated in the link).

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