Embed internal video on an external site

Hi there,

I’m aware that since pretty recently you can have ‹ internal › video on PeerTube. Is it possible to embed this video however externally? My usecase here are some recordings that I want to publish on an intranetsite. Is that possible? And if so, how?

Hi @Q-collective, I’ve a similar needs, so let search together :wink:

I’m wondering if the two « private-embed » plugin should be the solution.


They allow us to specify a specific domain (or multiple domains for the fork) where an « Unlisted video » could be visible.
Those plugin needs an update (and maybe some optimization and additionnal settings) but I think it’s a good starting point.

For my use case, an « Unlisted » video only visible on the intranet domain is enough, (as I expect it to be unplayable on Peertube itself), but maybe your use case is different ?

I must confess that I didn’t really test those plugin (a quick install-uninstall, and a question on their repo regardings improvements).

Tips : for my test, I allow https://www.w3schools.com/ and use their iframe tester :wink:


Yes you can embed them but the web browser needs to have the authentication token in the web browser (so already logged in in the peertube instance).

Thanks Chocobozzz for the explanation.

Let me try to explain my use case (which seems similar to @Q-collective I guess) :
Our company use Peertube to stream video to the public and to our employees.
Only our employees can create an account on our Peertube.
We already have public and unlisted videos for « on peertube » and « outside » broadcast.

I want to limit visibility of some tutorials videos to the employees.
I want to let them see it on Peertube itself (in a specific channel) but I also want to embed those videos in our wiki (intranet).

In this particular use case, none of the Unlisted or Internal states are a good choice :

  • internal : employees can discover the videos and view them on Peertube (if they don’t forget to log in) BUT if they aren’t logged in, they don’t see anything on Peertube (I can put a reminder in the description channel) AND if they directly go to the wiki, they will see a black rectangle with an error message, and they will never thought about the login required step.
  • unlisted : the videos will play nicely on the wiki (even if the employee isn’t logged in) BUT employees checking the channel directly on Peertube will see it empty.

Am I wrong ? Do I missunderstand something ?
Thanks for your advice achieving this (maybe particular) use case.

Best regards. Eric