Embed mobilizon events with image

Hi. I am trying to embed mobilizon events of my instance into a wordpress. There are two plugins. Mobilizon connector only embeds text (no images) and Mobilizon Mirror is not working (probably too old). Is there a way to embed a piece of HTML code to show upcoming events on a website? thanks!

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Hello Geoma,
I’d also like to get that to work and would like to do some proof of concept / user guide to make it easy for anybody to understand and implement…
That’s part of the target of the project I’m contributing too: NLnet; Mobilizon UX
I wonder if you would agree for your website to be used as an example of such integration?
I don’t have the piece of code available yet, but plan to work on it sometime this year for sure, and maybe, hopefully, Mobilizon Mirror can be upgraded.

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thanks @Lahax !
We would love to be an example of such integration

The thing is right now we are trying to find the best solution for our needs… We haven’t got to the ideal situation neither with mobilizon nor with gancio, and we might choose a path soon. I am troubleshooting gancio parallel to mobilizon and whichever solution gets us first to the desired outcome, I think will be used. I would love to help you in whatever way possible though, but I’m no coder.

Thanks a lot for your help!


We’re also in touch with Gancio so that we can share our events, so either way you could be on Mobilizon :wink:

@setop has already embedded Mobilizon event with a html piece of code (and javascript and CSS aswell) - if given some time he could build some kind of tutorial.