Embed private video

Hello! I want to create a members area on a wordpress site for a NGO that fights against violence against women and children. The NGO wants to publish videos (webinars, trainings) in this member’s area.
The videos are sensitive, so they should be set to private and hidden.
I’m interested in using PeerTube for that project.
I saw that videos can be set to private and depending on the instance also hidden.

Is it possible to embed a hidden video? And is it possible to play the embedded hidden video? How does that work?
Can I also protect the link in PeerTube: So that the video cannot be watched, when someone shares the link.

The goal is to make the videos available only in the secured member’s area.

I hope, I was able to explain clearly what I want.

Thank you!


You can use the unlisted privacy setting but any user with the link will be able to watch the video.

You can also create a peertube plugin that forbid embed and video access depending on a specific criteria using hooks: PeerTube documentation