[ep_mypads] Display pad in Iframe

Hi there

I am trying to display a pad created through the API using my_pads in an iframe in another application, but no matter what I try, all I can get it to display is BACKEND.ERROR.PERMISSION.UNEXPECTED.

I have tried to put it behind a reverse proxy, as I read somewhere that the sessionID needs to come from the same domain.

I’m trying to get this working on localhost, before I try anywhere else. The reverse proxy I am using is traefik.

I am able to create the pad, calculate the group ID, calculate the session ID, but no matter what I try I can’t get the pad to display.

Would someone be able to advise me on what I am doing wrong here, and what I have to do in order to get it to display?

(My ultimate goal is to create and destroy the pads on login/logout of a React application)