Error when trying to subscribe to peertube instance with mastodon account

I have a mastodon instance and a peer tube instance that both seem to be working great except that I’m trying to subscribe to a user’s channel on the peer tube instance ( and I get a message that says “Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account”. When I try to look up and subscribe to the user from the search box on the mastodon instance i get a different error message that says “503 remote data could not be fetched”. if I try to subscribe to a channel on a different peer tube instance it works fine and I can subscribe to users on other mastodon instances just fine so this appears to be a configuration issue with Is it an nginix config issue? How can I find out and what do you suspect it is?

Hi, I have two video on peertube but I can’t found my account. Peertube don’t recognize my account with my mail address. So my video on peertube is not found. And now I use Maybe I need to recreate an second account for peertube ?

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