Exec ./docker-entrypoint.sh: exec format error


I updates the image of framasoft/mobilizon and it does not start any more. I wonder why…

This is the image, :lastest (amd64)

$ docker pull framasoft/mobilizon:latest
latest: Pulling from framasoft/mobilizon
Digest: sha256:61b97f8fdc0074d809514db30ff4c9ea70764080699089b34b6cee5802548ddd
Status: Image is up to date for framasoft/mobilizon:latest

It exists:

$ docker compose up mobilizon
Attaching to services-mobilizon-1
services-mobilizon-1 exited with code 1
^CGracefully stopping... (press Ctrl+C again to force)
Aborting on container exit...
[+] Stopping 1/0
 ✔ Container services-mobilizon-1  Stopped     

This is the error message:

$ docker compose logs mobilizon
services-mobilizon-1  | exec ./docker-entrypoint.sh: exec format error

The problem seems to be still that I accidentially update but actually, I need an ARM build.


I solved it by downgrading:


That has an armv7 build.

Yup, there’s currently an issue with cross-compiling releases and docker images for other architectures.

I very recently managed to find a solution for arm64/armv8, but not armv7.

In any case you can build the image yourself by:

  • cloning the repository
  • git checkout 3.1.3 # or any later tag
  • docker build -t framasoft/mobilizon:3.1.3 -t framasoft/mobilizon:latest -f docker/production/Dockerfile .

You may encounter out of memory issues on small devices such as Raspberry Pis, if that’s what you’re using.

I am on a Hetzner server in Germany. They use ARM64. I think, because it is cheaper.
I pushed niccokunzmann/mobilizon:3.1.3: Docker
I might update these. If someone relies on them, please leave a note.