Facebook Events Liberator (converter opendata script)

Hi! :slight_smile:

Just shooting an idea to developers: since most of the events are locked in Facebook, what about a page where people could enter the (public) event url and a script makes all the data available in ical/json or whatever opendata format? At every call it caches the data into a db (IPFS?) and makes it available also on Mobilizon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Even better making it working also on-the-fly simply passing the ID with the url:


This could be also integrated into a Chrome/Firefox extension so users could be the input to build a mirror database in short time, just navigating their fb profiles! :smile:

something similar to NewPipe or Invision for YouTube

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This might be useful:

would be totally useful.
about usability, the firefox / chrome addon would add a button on the facebook page so that people would just have to click on it to import the event.
also, handling duplicates and instances would be needed in the addon.
(what mobilizon instance does the user knows? could be detected with cookies or localstorage for ex.)

about link ID @360fun, the ids could be different, we can store somewhere on the mobilizon event a property like “original_URL” so that we avoid doubles.

i feed mitigated about IPFS, looks like not stable yet, but could be useful later.

USYD event calendar looks like a good ressource too.
i suggest to create a repository on framagit and discuss specifications here, and report them in the wiki of the repo :slight_smile:

(tell me, and i will add volunteers acces to modify the repo)

We should describe the minimal product first so that we can make it real in a reasonable amount of time.

we would discuss technical ways to achieve that after.

definitely, I wasn’t saying to use them on Mobilizon but just to convert them easily, it’s something about UX :wink:

I’m just throwing the idea, hoping that somebody would/could implement it! :smiley:

Here is one idea among others.

First, maybe a kind of search engine for the Fediverse is needed to look for events on many instances.

Then, for each event in Mobilizon, if it is possible to specify alternate urls pointing to others versions of the event:

  • the script could do it automatically
  • if the author of the event posted it on several platforms, he could do it manually.

Then the extension could tell the search engine to look for events with the URL of the Facebook page in the alternate urls, and so on.

Then, what about keeping the event up to date ?

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yeah lot of things can be done, we will have to specify the minimal product :wink:

to keep an event up to date i suggest to have a property for the event, which is its import URL.
so we may find it with this property and update the event if there is any difference


Look what I’ve found! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s also a website to use it right away!