Failed Debian Peertube Install Using Docker | reverse-proxy_1 | time="2019-12-21T01:47:07Z" level=error msg="Error getting challenge for token retrying in 1.273627892s"

Aye, I have been trying to launch my own peertube instance but keep getting these errors:

The actual webserver accepts the connection but gives a “404 page not found”

Has anyone else had this problem? Any help is highly appreciated!

With HTTPS set to true the error message is this:

It also appears to state that HTTPS is misconfigured.

It seems to be a traefik issue. Did you check

Thanks, I looked through it and disabled ipv6.

It seems to be a traefik issue

I might try and reach out to them, but shouldn’t Peertube still load without it?
The issue still persists after disabling ipv6.