Federated architecture between public / extranet / intranet peertube instances

Hi all,

First off, thanks a bunch to all the contributors to peertube, it’s an awesome project! At my company (Logilab https://www.logilab.fr/) we’re using to share internal presentations and it’s been working great.

We now want to show part of our internal library to external users, so we’d like to setup an extranet peertube instance (user/password protected) and while we’re at it lets chip in a public instances for the public conferences we participate in (and mirror the youtube videos of our presentations).

Does the federation model enable a workflow where we could federate those three instances with access rights ? One of the complexity I guess is that the internal instance is not visible to the others (for example peertube.intranet.company.com only resolves on our internal DNS).

If not, can you recommend some tool to “synchronize” these three different types of instances ?

Long live peertube and the federation ! :heart:


The internal instance won’t be able to communicate with others, so you cannot use the PeerTube federation.

But if you want to synchronize videos between the instances, you can try this script https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/blob/develop/support/doc/tools.md#peertube-import-videosjs or use directly the import function in the PeerTube UI. But it will duplicate the videos (instead of just referencing them like we do in the PeerTube federation).

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