Federated calendar

I have used mobilzon a little for organizing a recurring meeting of friends. I found it’s feature set useful for that but eventually we ended up switching to google calendar, which was okay because everyone uses gmail but if someone didn’t then it would be more difficult for them to stay in the loop.

I use calendly to schedule meetings a lot. It hooks into my gcal and appointment slots are closed if I have something already in my calendar. But calendars I’m subscribed to on Google calendar that are shared to me by other people don’t interface with the calendly appointment system, only the calendars that I specifically own.

Sometimes I want to create a google event and then just share it as a link, in the same way that I would with eventbrite. I can’t because a personal calendar isn’t treated the same as a event app.

But it seems to me that there is a lot that could be done with a google calendar interface that could also be useful for events. The fundamental unit is the event, and whether that’s a group hosting an entire schedule or a recurring group between friends, or a individual hosting a party etc

It would be cool if I could use mobilzon more as a personal calendar. I don’t know if this is really a request that makes sense to make but I thought I would just put it out there. I know that I can sync calendar events to my google calendar but what I really want is to replace my google calendar. I know nextcloud makes a calendar plugin but it’s not federated, and it’s ultimately just in the same format as google calendar, whereas what I would like is something that could be used as both a personal calendar and an events app.

This feels lie it’s probably beyond the scope of what ya’ll are working on but I just thought it might be a useful thought, and show a potential space.

Also I will put out there that I know multiple local event organizers that have moved off meetup and facebook recently to smaller event organizer apps like Humanitix: Humanitix - The humane choice for tickets which frames itself as a social good organization. It seems to me that ticketing is a missing feature in Mobilzon. I sort of get why, fediverse applications eschew monetization schemes, but I think tickets can have a useful non-profit purpose.

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