Federation doesnt work

Hey, are there any issues with the federation between Docker installations and Release installations?
I have two instances, one is 3.0.3(Release) and one is Docker(2.1.0) both run on the same Server. One is the Main Instance domain.tld and the other one is a topic specific instance sub.domain.tld
The Request from the 2.1.0 to the 3.0.3 goes trough but the other way around i dont get a request.

Was an issue with the nginx config file for the docker installation. Can i find somewhere an known good/working nginx conf file for the Docker installation?

I have a new instance on Docker. I’m not sure if the other instances just haven’t accepted my federation requests or if there is something else going wrong. Could you try federating with GameNight.Host? (Or tell me your instance name so I can try federating with you?) I’ve tried Mobilizon.us and Mobilizon.fr and nothing has happened.

I am just the admin of my instance to I can’t check the other instance. Can you detail the name and location of this logfile and what I should be looking for? I am not sure there is an error of if the other instance just hasn’t approved my federation request. Do you manage an instance we could test against?