[Feedback] Mobilizon on YunoHost

First what to thank all involved for the great work on Mobilizon and the release of v1.

Just installed Mobilizon 1.0.0 on YunoHost and wanted to share my first impressions.

The interface feels modern och runs really smooth, here are few things i noticed while poking around the admin panel.

  • Language setting under Settings > Account > Preferences does not change the language
  • When editing event « Headline picture » is not shown need to reuploaded
  • Moderation log not listing participation requests
  • Can only approve participation via My events > Manage participants > Participants
  • Dashboard not showing correct info of users, shows 1 user whole 2 are registered
  • Organizer (only tested as admin) cant join event
  • has been approved email notification sent in selected language (Swedish) and English

Not super important feature request but since more and more events are now held online maybe there could be a selection under Find an address to mark for an online events where a link could be included.

Example how this feature is implemented at meetup.