Find new VERIFIED users

Dear team,

I want to get a list of all, including recent, registered and VERIFIED users in my instance.
In the web interface I see a checkmark (tick) right in front of the mail address (as administrator of the instance) which shows me that a user is verified.
I need to get this information from a command line, or via the API. Is this possible?

The background: I want to put all the newly registered AND verified users on a mailing list. In order to do this I need to have 1. the mail address, 2. the information whether this user is already verified.

How to get this information?
As an admin I receive an e-mail that a new user registered, including his/her mail address, but I do not get an information regarding the users verification status.
Of course I will not subscribe a user as long as he/she did not verify his/her mail address.


It seems that there is no such filter on the users API for now:

The only filters seems to be blocked and search. You can open an issue on github to ask for a emailVerified filter.

Until it’s done, you can retrieve all users using this API, and check for every user the emailVerified field.

Thank you, this helped a lot.


In order to implement, I cannot find any entry in the logs, when a user gets actually verified.
This of course happens, when the user replies to the verification mail, however, this action does not seem to get recorded at all. I was not able to find entries in the mail server, nor in the peertube logs.


You can also ask for a new backend hook (when users got verified), and implement your use case in a plugin: PeerTube documentation

Thank you, this works very well.