Following from Mastodon waiting for validation

I know I saw somewhere around here a topic about it but I can’t find it, it’s driving me crazy.

At Iloth, with the « BIM! » chatons collective ( we are experimenting with setting up a mobilizon instance (

I tried subscribing to a test user or a test group from a mastodon account, but it’s been stuck waiting for « validation » of that follow. Of course I have no way of validating it from mobilizon.

I’m sure I saw a discussion here saying it’s normal and has a 24 hours delay by default.
I’m very confused by this:

  • Is it a 24h waiting period since the last mobilizon server restart? (I think I read that…)
  • Why is it necessary? Is there an activitypub federation issue behind this?
  • Would it be safe to reduce this 24h period? It it safe to reduce it down to zero to allow people to instantly follow mobilizon users/groups from their mastodon accounts?

Maybe I’m totally wrong and this has nothing to do with the 24h waiting period.

We are using the 1.0.1 release.

(I can switch to french but I think this discussion could help some english native speakers as well)

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this is what I was referring to, but I’m not sure I correctly understand what it does and if it even relates to this issue at all

After having looked further into this I’ll answer myself to clarify some aspects for everyone else:

As of the time of this writing, there is no mastodon integration in Mobilizon.

Mobilizon is able to federate with other Mobilizon instances, that’s the current extent of the activitypub interoperability!
Everything else, in particular interactions from mastodon, is still « potentially possible » but not supported.
I’m sure many things will be possible in that regard, but right now I understand the Mobilizon team is focused on core functionnalities :slight_smile:

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That makes sense. And thank you for the English, very helpful for us monolingual en peeps without having to translate the posts :slight_smile: