Following groups accross instances

Hi !

I just started Mobilizon recently. I’m a simple user on a particular instance.
Today I missed the Contribatelier which is on another instance than mine. So I intended to follow the group and be aware of the next ones.
Apparently you can subscribe to the group but not follow it. Is this a normal behaviour of Mobilizon ? Does my instance not follow the instance ? Is it a wannabe feature ?

Thanks for your help.

PS : Side question, how do I know which instances are federated by mine ?

Workaround :
On the group page, I clicked join, then replaced « join » with « follow » in the URL. Which gave

But it looks like just clicking Join lets you redirect to your instance where you can then chose to join or follow.
Although this is done, the group still does not appear in « My Groups ». But maybe I’ll work anyway. Will see …

I’m not sure what « Follow » does - but basically you can follow or join a group only when you’re connected (either on the groups instance or another one).
It seems that only groups you’ve joined would appear in « my groups » (and it works with the federation - I just tested it ;)).

To know which instance you follow / follow you, you have to go to the admin panel:

Thank you for your answer.
According to the message below the button, following let’s you be aware of new events from a group.

You say I need to be connected to follow, but I am. I am connected to instance A and want to follow a group on instance B. But instance B doesn’t see me as connected, so it doesn’t present me the follow button. I had to use the workaround described above.

For « My Groups » that is what I suspected, thank you.

As for the connected instances, thank you. But I am not administrator of my instance. I’m only a user. Do I have to rely on the administrators to share this information ?


Yes, following groups needs to be greatly improved, sorry about that. Followed groups do not show up in « My Groups » at the moment, you’ll only see events from your followed groups on the homepage and get notifications about their activity.