Forum de support pour les anglophones?

I wish to setup a PeerTube Server on DigitalOcean or Gandi(.net), integrating it with Discourse with MatterMost.

The intention is creating a collaborative environment for the exercise of Participatory Action Research + Design Thinking.

This is for a Non-Profit, Federated Union of Worker-Owned, Professional Maker Co-operatives.

I fear my that not understanding the French language will make this mission more difficult than I imagined. I would appreciate your recommendation on how to proceed.

Warmest regards,

Muíreann Ní Sídach
APFU|CC™ CXO and Co-Founder
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Hi @Muir

There is no integration of PeerTube with Discourse or MatterMost at the moment ; just what kind of integration are you thinking about?

I am aware of this fact. I am proposing it’s development as a native plugin for MatterMost. There is an interest in video conferencing capability for MatterMost interested parties committed to making use of Jitsi.

While Jitsi Meet fufills the general mission at face value, my thought was it would benefit from P2P capability. Assuming that is feasible it would unfortunately be too costly to at this time to invest in.

What I hope would be an interim solution comes from observing numerous groups upload video conferences to YouTube for archival availability for their Patrons.

Nothing I can think of bars doing the same with PeerTube, however I would prefer the playback of archived video from previous conferences to appear seamlessly within the MatterMost UX.

It is already P2P with its use of WebRTC.

You mean, when one paste a link to a PeerTube video, it shows an embeded player within MatterMost?

I’ve had these seaming miscommunications before.

So I’m to believe you think these are the same thing.
That WebRTC offers the psychosocial utility, providing any easy to use Market availability of the PeerTube alternative to YouTube?

If I were to Google an earlier event how wish is more likely to appear in a search a product of WebRTC or PeerTube served recording?

And second . . .
Copying and pasting a link and “playback of archived video from previous conferences to appear seamlessly within the MatterMost UX.” sound like the same thing to you? It seems like I wasted my time explaining the use case in my original post. It is clear you don’t value me or my work. I will not trouble you further. Feel free to naturally find the fault min.