Frama Weblate future

Hey. I wondered if Kaihuri is planning to run weblate for Mobilizon.and who is running it now. And if there is a certain timeline for the mangement of that service.
It has been down for a while now, and I would like to update/complete the Dutch translation.

Would synchronisation with a second weblate server be an option/possibility/supported for/by Kaihuri/Framasoft/NLNet ?

Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

It has? We didn’t see that at all, or had anyone tell us. :thinking:
However, it seems there’s some conflicts at the moment, will take a look.

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I checked the last weeks… but not today…
and I got an email yesterday:
maandag 13 mei 2024 om 04:00 that the status changed.
And it is online now, so I can contribute again :slight_smile:

We are building on mobilizon for Animal Rebellion in the Netherlands :slight_smile: Yesterday we fixed a bug about the event maps not showing. Which I think is in all instances now, except ours.

I am not a programmer myself but I will ask to send a pull request for that commit.
Or maybe you can find it in our repo: GitHub - CoenHolten/Mobilizon-for-Climate-Justice-for-ALL-living-beings: Climate justice for ALL living beings

it is locked again. :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, because of the merge conflicts I was speaking of above. Should be fixed now, and hopefully not much work has been lost.


Hey Tcit,
It maintainance still going on? i would like to work on the dutch translation of mobilizon.