[Framadate] [bug] Framadate does not show date in Czech language

Not really sure I post in the correct category, cannot understand a word here, but found a link to this forum to post questions an issues about framadate.org .

So, the bug I am seeing is following. Someone created a poll on framadate.org and sent it to several people including me. When I opened the poll, the dates at the top were not shown at all, just some weird strings. When I switch to any different language other than Czech, it seems the date is shown correctly, but in Czech the dates are not shown right. See the screenshots attached below. This happened on multiple polls, not just one.

Thanks for fixing that,
Jakub Homola

PS: why can I only add one media item in a post as a new user? this is so frustrating, needed to retake the screenshots and combine them into one image seemingly for no reason.

Framadate currently uses strftime to format dates, which depends on the host server having locales configured for every activated locale (dpkg-reconfigure locales).

The next version will use data from php-intl (which uses ICU data) in order for every locale to work without extra server configuration.

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