Framadate in Danish

I would like to create a Danish translation of Framadate. How to get started?

Hi !

Framasoft owns a translation platform where you can translate from english to others languages : you can create an account on and then search for the Framadate project.

But before that we have to activate the Danish translation. Apparently Zanata (the translation platform) proposes three danish languages :


Which one(s) do you want us to activate so that you can begin translating ?

(and thanks for offering your help by the way !)

Danish added to Framadate zanata’s project :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I am afraid it doesn’t work for me. I can log in, and find the Danish translation project for Framadate, but everything is in read-only mode, i.e. I cannot enter the translations. And it makes no difference if I am using the standard editor or the alpha version

You need to join the danish translation team first:

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OK, I did, and I completed the translation, so what is next? Will the other five users in the da project be notivied and have a chance to review?

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Unfortunately, no :frowning:

How then do I get the translation activated so that I an verify it in context?

For now your translation is stored in Later, a developer will retrieve it and merge it into (where Framadate is developed).

Once a new version of Framadate is released, your translation will be included ! \o/

Any news on when the new version will be released