Framaforms - Create a stand-alone form


I have installed Framaforms through Yunohost and I have made a form. Now I would like to publish it as a one stand-alone form for a website, nothing else. I don’t want this yellow login floating window (with username and password fields) to be shown and I don’t want this big Framaforms title, which is a link, to be shown either.

I have been told how to access the Drupal administration top bar, aparently that is the tool I should use to solve it. I managed the get it, but that is how far I have reached.

Anyone could guide me on how to hide this yellow login thing and the big Framaforms link?

Thank you very much!!

Hi @peer,

I am not a developper so i have no idea how to do that but it seems rather tricky, not sure it can be done without coding.

I think there is one functionnality that could be useful for your need: when your form is ready, you can obtain the corresponding iframe (in the « share » tab of your form administration).

So if you’re using YunHost you can create and publish a very simple webpage including only this iframe, by using the custom webapp (

Hey, thank you for your answer. But that does not fix the problem.

When I follow your suggestion, the page is not open, my browser (Firefox-based Abrowser) shows a warning:
To protect your security, will not allow Abrowser to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.
And it shows me a "Open Site in New Window" button. When I click on it, a new tab opens showing the form with the yellow login thing and the Framaforms link.

I guess I just need someone with some basic knowledge of Drupal to tell me how to get rid of that yellow login block.

By the way, @Gavy, I tested the iframe solution within a webpage in a website, I did not use that custom webapp you suggested. I guess that won’t make any difference.

Argh indeed, iframe is less and less allowed by web browsers. :’(

Can’t help you more, sorry !

Ok, no problem, thank you anyway! Let’s see if someone knowing some basics of Drupal could help me…

The solution to the yellow login block is here: