Framagit: "Failed to get security report information."


I only know how to speak one language. Please forgive me.

When I access Merge Request pages on Framagit, I see an error message.

This is the error:

« Failed to get security report information. Please reload the page or try again later. »

These are the URLs of the pages on which I see the error:

Maybe the problem is my browser?

I am using 84.0a1 (2020-11-03) (64-bit) on Windows.

I see « GET http s:// » in my browser console as a 404. I don’t know if that is related to this report or not.

(I added the space because new users cannot post more than two links.)

Thank you!!


That trouble seems to already be known. Look here

@Framasky has post a message on this gitlab thread yet. Maybe he can give you more information. :wink: