[Framagit] Is my IP blocked from accessing FramaGit?


Firefox says « The connection has timed out ». $ ping shows 100% packet loss. $ tracepath framagit.org shows 12: froggie2.framasoft.org and then no reply for further 30 hops. It ends with Too many hops: pmtu 1480.

I can access framagit.org using webproxy. Is my IP blocked by framagit or is it my ISP? My public IP is:


It’s probably us :-/
We had a lot, lot of spam from India, China and Vietnam. We’re a small team and we can’t moderate so much spam. We even post that we’re open to put some money on that issue https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/201788#note_413025161 - The honeypot feature flag reduce the spam wave, but there’s still too much false-positive to unblock your country. And we’re really, really sorry for that :-/

Oh! This sucks. Instead of blocking the offending IPs blocking the whole country is a bit too much IMHO. But I understand.

It’s just that after reading yesterday’s Mobilizon announcement I wanted to check the source code. Anyways, will use webproxy to access FramaGit.

Only regret I have is that I closed multiple FramaGit projects tabs in last couple of days thinking that FramaGit was shut down along with other Frama services scheduled for closure. A static page with « Your IP is banned due to spam » would have been really helpful.

Anyways, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Instead of blocking the offending IPs

Well, the IP addresses are quite never the same, we had no choice.

We are really sorry of the situation and the measures we had to take.

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