Framateam sur Android

Excuse me if I write in english, but I don’t speak enough french :frowning: (however you can answer me in french, no problem in reading).
First, I want to thank you for your incredible work (I’ll send soon a donation, you deserve all the support).

About mettermost/Framateam, it seems a very good alternative to facebook groups, chats on telegram, mailing lists… in particular for more “operative” groups.
I would like to propose to my faculty collective to move there.
One problem: I can’t enter in my framateam group through mattermost android app. I paste the link and it says “No mattermost server”.

Can you help me?

Greetings from Rome :slight_smile:


Which link did you paste? Your team’s URL or just

I think only is needed.


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Merci beaucoup pour la rapidité!
No, even with this other address the app still answer:

"The address does not appear to be a Mattermost server".

I tried also with the specific address of the team, and I tried also with the invitation link.
There is someone that use framateam on the mobile phone app?

I was thinking that maybe is a problem of compatibility between the framateam’s mattermost version and the app’s version…

Now it works! I’ve updated the app, and with and nothing more it works :slight_smile:
Merci beaucoup!