[FRAMINDMAP] Cannot create topic with multiple text lines


In the shortcuts list in Framindmap I see that « Ctrl + Enter » is a keyboard shortcut for creating a topic with multiple text lines. Unfortunately I tried it on two different computers with Chrome, Edge and Firefox and couldn’t get it to work.

I did not either find a menu accessible with the mouse for creating a topic with multiple text lines.

Can anyone shed some light on this topic? Without multiple text lines most mind maps end up with a very wide aspect ration which makes them unsuitable for printing. Thanks!


The « CTRL + Enter » shortcut is only effective when editing the text of a topic. So double clicking upon a topic to switch to edit mode. Then use this key combinaison to add a new line. A simple « Enter » will validate the edition whilst « CTRL + Enter » shall add a new line within.

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Thanks, it works! Julien.