Fresh Install Blank Pages

Experiencing this is after a fresh install of Peertube in which the page loads but it does not display anything. Further looking there are a few 403 errors but I’m not sure where or what file might be the cause.

Probably a nginx configuration problem: the folder where are the client files is not accessible.

For example, with url :

check that your configuration is like the official one:

and don’t forget to reload nginx after modifying the file.

Double check and the peertube file is like the default expect for the entries added for webhost and peertube host. Restarted and reloaded nginx and still having the same issue.

Whats the folders permissions? The nginx user (www-data) should have access, as said here: Production guide | PeerTube documentation

changed the permission of the directory to 755 and now the site appears. Was originally at drwr-x—