German Translation missing?

how can we translate this to german ?

hi @hilweb,

The next version has a slightly different interface, but you should be able to find the corresponding text in to contribute.

are there any screenshots of this new interface ?

if i search « Trending for the last » it says no string matched your search

you can look at the test instance


  1. where can i see the test interace? didnt find it on joinpeertube
  2. i hardcodet the translation to our files, but they dont change. - it is updated regularly (on work days)

You cannot update the translation yourself yet.

its bad because we have this as start page, and it shows english.
second bad translation is on Info > Lokal > « eines bereitgestellten Videos » thats wrong, because this space is from all videos so « aller bereitgestellen Videos » is right

The next release will include your fixes in ; as the translation is crowdsourced, it implies a delay between translation and releases.

can you add the by you, by her too(per du, per sie) please?