Get videoId or UUID when uploading the video?

Hello @Chocobozzz & everyone,

Does anyone know how to get the videoId when the video is uploaded/imported but not published yet?

Currently, I am working on a plugin that requires a unique Id of the video. When I upload/import the video, the video gets saved in the storage/videos folder with unique name (eg: ab5aed7e-c454-42ee-a366-41a10f234b35-720.mp4) and side by-side the details are recorded in the database as well (video and videoFile Table).

I was able to get the upload request and response using the hook. But the response from the hook does not include the videoId that matches the record from the database. Although the video file name is included in the response it doesn’t match the video file name in the storage/videos when transcoding is enabled.

Image1: video uploaded successfully

Image2: response from upload using hook

Image3: videos in storage/videos after transcoding

Image4: videos in database

So, is there a way to get the videoId when the video is uploaded 100% without publishing?

Hello, hook should include a video property that contains video attributes.

Thank you. @Chocobozzz