Google Video Search - "Video is not the main content of the page"

Google Search Console gives the error « Video is not the main content of the page » when indexing videos on our PeerTube site. Is there a way to fix this?

This is one of the video pages that Google says the video is not the main content:

(actually, I think it will say that for all the video pages - diving deeper into the video page indexing data, it says « Video is supplementary content on the page »)

Probably unrelated, but viewing a screenshot of the page generated within Google Search Console shows it displaying a « HLS.js does not seem to be supported » error where the video should be. Doing an exact term search for this on the videos section of Google shows quite a few PeerTube-hosted videos that have this as the crawled text description for the video).

Issue created on github: Google Search Indexing - Video is not the main content of the page · Issue #6210 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

How do I re-open the issue on GitHub? It’s marked as fixed in 6.0.1, but it’s still happening for me. Thanks.