Graphs in Framacalc

Hey everyone,

I’m quite new to the Frama community and I seem to be unable to plot data from a Framacalc. Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance !


Well, I guess you meant: having a charts graphs with the temperature progression during timeline upon the calc sheet.

I think we are not able to put the charts on the sheet directly or easily.

But to make some sort of charts, you should

  1. select the cells with the values
  2. choose Charts in the top menu
  3. select the type of charts requested in the dropdown box
  4. click on OK button
  5. you shall see the charts updated right below.

This is, in my opinion, a very limited charts application. I don’t find any maneer to apply headers or something similar.

Hope this will help you a few.


That’s precisely what I repeatedly tried to do, without success : the X and Y min and max value refuse to change… Did you try it yourself on my sheet ?

Thanks for your answer anyway !

I found some explanations here:

to create a graph

  2. select cells D2:G2
  3. click the “graph” tab
  4. select a “Graph Type”
  5. Click ok

2 years ago, had a bug #339 which needed to be updated but it seems ok now.

Thanks, that works. Does anyone know how to label the axes though ?