Growth ceiling?

I’m thinking about PeerTube at scale.
I’ve seen that the largest PeerTube instances only have 9000 users and 28k videos. Is there some kind of growth ceiling?

Let’s say you get a huge virtual machine up and running and install PeerTube on it. How many simultaneous users can one expect to serve? I guess it depends on object storage and CDN.

We’re actually thinking of using PeerTube as an external media server for our web app. So instead of transcoding and storing the videos on the app server, we delegate it to an external self-hosted service that takes care of transcoding, storage, permissions etc. The app transparently talks to the media server in the background. We think this media server could be PeerTube.

We’re thinking maybe 200k registered users, or more, with maybe hundereds of simultaneous video uploads.

I’m aware that there are horizontal scaling limitations, the inability to offload transcoding to other nodes, the inability to load-balance and no GPU acceleration (out of the box).

Is there some kind of growth ceiling?

Maybe its a bit premature to use PeerTube for this kind of job.

Regards :wave:

Hi Christoffer,

Now we support object storage, you can easily scale video delivery using cache servers in front of your S3 storage (or using a CDN etc).

Unfortunately we don’t have metrics on how many users you can host on a particular instance, since nobody never notified us there was performance issues on peertube (at their scale). But Framasoft could work on PeerTube architecture/code to remove potential bottlenecks.

We can also work on remote transcoding but it would require a lot of work.

For your particular use case, you could also create multiple PeerTube instance (, etc) and your app would automatically choose where to send the video.