Hello i finished install but can't login. password not match

after install all, i can’t login. :’(
i checked and can see password is [PASSWORD MODERATED]

i include images
please check out
and can you tell me answer?
also you can try log in my site to test


(1) what is login account and password?
(2) how to change account and password?
(3) how to add new user and password initialize?

[SCREESHOT MODERATED: don’t post your password!]

Giving the password here is a very bad idea.

When I display your instance, there is an error message at the bottom right that says you have a missing configuration:

Impossible de récupérer les identifiants du Client OAuth : undefined. Assurez-vous d'avoir correctement configuré PeerTube (dossier config/), en particulier la section "serveur web".

The error is in french, because my current browser langage is set to french. It says you have miss configured the « webserver » section in your configuration file.

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So you need to enter the username - root and the password, which is indicated in the logs

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now i restarted server, can’t see right bottom server error popup
sorry. i can’t understand what you mean.
can you explain more?
what do i need more?


can you try my server log in
please teach me login account and right password.
:’( i’m stuck login problem

can you try my server log in
please teach me login account and right password.
:’( i’m stuck login problem

login account : root

i did

didnt work
please help me :’(

Stop typing your password here. This is a public forum.

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sorry spf sir

Don’t suffer anymore.
If you cannot log in with a password, then reset it. Here is how to reset.

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The password is still in a screenshot in the first post.


There is still a configuration problem on your server. See the error message at the bottom right (sorry, it’s in french, but you should see it in your langage if you just open your instance).

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In the log you posted in the first post there is a secret key. Consider your installation is no more secure. You should delete the database, delete the Peertube folder, and start the installation from scratch. Use the official documentation, and be carefull to not miss any information given in the documentation:
(or PeerTube documentation if you use docker)

PS: In the logs, there is a log that seems to be related to the error: it searches for example.com instead of your actual domain name for the OAUTH token.

edit: Ok, understood. I did not notice that is was you here: Hi while install by tutorial https://wiki.10friends.info/peertube - #4 par crimy2000
So you probably mixed up some steps from the tutorial and the official documentation. Restart from scratch with the official documentation, and it should be ok (and you have to restart from scratch, because a private key was exposed in your first post, your server installation is no more secure ; and moreover, you setup the server for the wrong domain, example.com).

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