[HELP] Import Feature Error GDrive to PeerTube

Dear All

I need your help to solve my problem in importing Google Drive’s video to PeerTube.
I have tested to import GDrive’s videos to PeerTube and it is success but after 10-16 videos I can not import it again.

I get this error " Cannot fetch information from import URL … "

Then I test again after 1 day and I can import again the error video’s links and about 10-16 links I get the same error again.

It seems there is a daily limit to import Gdrive videos to PeerTube.

Anyone know how to increase this limitation ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Can you check Peertube error log?
There might be some request status code that could help to understand the reason (for example « 429 - too many requests ».

Hi John
I attach the screenshot
It is error 400 if I am not mistaken

Any more suggestions John?

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hum, this error code is not helping. Sorry, no idea.

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Anyone has any suggestions to solve this problem ?