Help me understand visibility of video and playlist

I have a public playlist, which contains public and unlisted videos.
When I acces the playlist page inside Peertube, I can see both public and unlisted video. It’s sound strange to me. I was expected to NOT see the unlisted one here.

So if I understand right, « unlisted » video are only hidden on the front pages (discover, trend…) and behing the search engine, right ?

Two related questions :

  • Is it possible to hide unlisted video in public playlist ?

  • Is it possible to embed « internal » video outside of Peertube (using the iframe code) ?

Thanks for your clarification about it.

No it’s not possible. The person who created the playlist just decided to share the link inside a playlist, like it could do the same on an external website with a list of PeerTube video links.

Yes it is. However the user needs to be logged in to access the video.

Hi Chocobozzz, thanks for the precisions.
I understand that my specific use case doesn’t fit exactly with the generic use of Peertube.

I will explain it, but just to open the discussion, and see if maybe other users has similar needs.

Our instance is managed by the company. There is only one admin account that publish public video.
Employees of the company have an account through SAML plugin, and publish (by default) as « unlisted » (but not perfect, see below).
External visitor (without account) can see public video (and unlisted one if they have the direct url), but can’t register.

So for « public » vidéo, no problem.

I can set video as « unlisted » which allow me to hide it from external visitor on Peertube (because they can’t search for it). But I still can embed it outside (mostly on teaching plateform like Moodle).
My problem is that I would like employees to be able to find those video on Peertube too. But as the video are unlisted, they are not searchable.

So this is why I ask for the « internal » option.
This would allow employees to search and find videos on Peertube once logged in.
But all the viewer on Moodle are not employees, so if the external visitor is not logged in, he can’t see the embed video.

So again, I understand that my needs is specific.

A perfect status for me would be to add an intermediate one between « unlisted » and « internal », which would allow :

  • video visible/searchable on Peertube ONCE LOGGED IN
  • video embedable outside and visible whatever the viewer is logged or not (without account)