HELP please HTP.LIVE channels gone!

this week I set up my account, 2x channels and have been uploading videos.

Channel talking really

Channel TTTW

I went to login today and got the « wrong pass/user name » prompt, but I know they’re right. I checked the video link I embeded on my website from an uploaded video, and that says « video does not exist ».

Presuming my account was deleted and the videos too.

Anyone help?

You should contact the instance administrator for that kind of question.

Yes Hello,

HTP.LIVE Staff Here.

We only delete content that is blatantly not related to the instance’s focus, which is very clearly stated on the login screen, signup screen, etc. If you were uploading actual video spam for your company (you were.) then it got removed, and you should know better.

As rigelk pointed out, this is not the place for questions about content, but since I’ve answered your question please do not reach out asking me why the content is gone in a different way.

Hacking Content = Allowed, The rest is generally not. HTP = Hack The Planet.

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« delete content not related to the instance » - incorrect, you delete 2 channels, no warning, no communication - it would have been polite to message and not to find out when you cant log in.

« uploading actual video spam for your company (you were) » - interesting how judgmental this assumption is - yes, these were uploaded via my training company and I had 2 accounts set up and ready to go, putting them into unlisted mode until I was ready to make public. what determines spam, that’s your choice and word, but it would appear this video sharing platform is more censored than youtube!

« not a place for questions » - well, answer the questions via the online messaging! several sent and NONE answered.

I am glad I didn’t stay on htp because your attitude stinks. I have found a decent one that I now have settled and uploaded 2 channel worth of videos and made public.

feel free to respond, but I think you’ll ignore just like the ones sent on the messaging system.