[HELP] Remote Runner is not working

Dear All
Today I try to set up 1 remote runner for my PeerTube site.

I have tried to follow the configuration and settings but I still don’t see the jobs on the Runners Job tab. All tasks are still working on the local job tab.

I have restarted bot VPS (main Peertube and the runner) but I still see no jobs on the runners tab.

My all local jobs are still working (encoding) even I have select the remote runners option on the configuration. I have restarted the Peertube system too.

Any suggestions that I should do to make my remote runner work well ?

Thank you very much for your help.

God bless you :slight_smile:


Can you describe what things you have done?

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Hi @Chocobozzz

I have done the setting following the steps here ( Remote PeerTube CLI) : CLI tools guide | PeerTube documentation
I do exactly the same config with the example.

-Runner installation
-Run the server As a Systemd service
-create the /etc/systemd/system/prunner.service file
-enable the service for the first time
-register the runner to process transcoding job of a remote PeerTube instance
-checkmark the Remote Runners option on the Peertube configuration
-restart remote runners and peertube system

Anything that I missed bro ?

I checked the status or runners are enabled and running but no jobs inside the runners tab

Please suggest me what I missed bro

Thank you very much for your help

Can you paste a screen of your PeerTube configuration?

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Can you upload a video and paste your server logs?

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I have tried upload one video and take the screenshot of the log.
Is it enough data for you bro ?
Thanks a lot

Please copy paste info logs instead of taking a screen where we don’t see a lot of information

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bro I have sent you the log file by private message
let me know if you need more data
thank you very much

bro I just check the remote runners tab and It is starting to show the job.
Is it okay now ?

but why only 4 jobs there ? I see there are many jobs are waiting on the local tab

Yes it is okay :wink:

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but why only 4 jobs there ? I see there are many jobs are waiting on the local tab

and I see on the local tab is still doing the encoding process.
Is it normal ?

thanks a lot bro :slight_smile:

bro is the remote runners only process the new upload videos after the remote runners set up ?

I have just doing testing to re-encode HLS again the pending local job then it seems the job go to the runner tab.

Is it correct my conclusion @Chocobozzz ?

If yes, any feature to do bulk re-encoding ?


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thank you very much John :slight_smile:
You are very helpful