Hosting Requirements


I’ve been looking for affordable ways to host gaming videos, but I had a few questions regarding what it takes to set something up and I couldn’t really find anything.

My first question regards transcoding. Are users responsible for transcoding their videos into the appropriate format, do I need to do it on my servers, or is it something handled by the federation?

I was wondering how feasible it would be to use peertube as a back end for another site. Basically, users could create a post in my site, and they could attach a video that would automatically use peertube.

I was thinking of getting a seedbox for this, it seems like the best money to bandwidth and storage hosting solution if you can find one with a VPS. But the CPUs are generally very weak and would not cope well with transcoding videos. I found what it takes to actually host a peertube instance, and it doesn’t seem like much. But I’m curious about transcoding on my peertube instance or if the user uploading the video is responsible for that.


transcoding video is done by your instance, this is the most cpu intensive job, but it has to be done only once. There has been some post about doing transcoding on another computer, but this is currently a hacky solution.
I use a raspberry pi3 behing a fiber line, this instance works quite well when playing videos but is quite catastrophical at reencoding, this didn’t stop advertisers to polute my instance with comercials. I don’t recommend to use a so small device, and rapsberry is quite bad with i/o but i think if you have few videos and are ready to wait one hour to encode 5 minutes, this is might be the cheaper solution ( power consumption included ).