How can I install the ldap plugin on my peertube instance running offline?

How can I install the ldap plugin on my Peertube instance running offline?

1- I downloaded the plugins from « Framasoft / PeerTube / official-plugins · GitLab ».

2-" error: Error: Command failed: add thread file:/home/ubuntu/peertube-plugin-auth-ldap
warning package.json: No license area
warning No license area
error Package " file:/home/ubuntu/peertube-plugin-auth-ldap " refers to a file that does not exist ’ " file:/home/ubuntu/peertube-plugin-auth-ldap/'" I get the error.
3- How do I edit the" license field" error in the package.json file?

I’m waiting for your help. Thank you


Why don’t you manage this plugin installation as described here ?

Our Peertube instance does not have access to the internet.
It works on a local network. @PaliPalo


Anyway, the message about the « license » is just a warning. It seems that your trouble orginates from the the path location « /home/ubuntu/… ». Maybe this need to be elsewhere, or to have particular access right (for the user named peertube or other).

@JohnLivingston, any idea ?

Without any internet connection, it will not be simple.
Installing a plugin, event using the CLI, need to download all NPM dependencies.

It might be possible, by using npm install on a computer that has internet, then copy the complete folder on the server (including the node_modules directory).

I will try this.@JohnLivingston thank you .

When I changed the directory, the error changed and became as follows, but it did not work.
(error couldn’t find package « ldapauth-fork@^5.0.0-rc.6 » required by « file :/var/www/peertube/storage/plugins/peertube-plugin-auth-ldap/ » on the "npm " registry.)


On a computer with internet connection: